Here’s the good news:

82% of students who attend Little Lights regularly demonstrated increased test scores in both reading and math this year.

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The hard news is that 86% of our students are reading below grade level and 64% of students are below grade level in mathBut when students attend Little Lights even 60% of the time, we see dramatic gains occur.


It is in your power to help our students shine bright! BE A HERO and open a whole new world of possibility for our students by helping them succeed in school. 

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The power of our programs — from a student who grew up in them.

Dominique started attending Little Lights around 5 years old. Throughout school he was several grade levels behind. But Little Lights stuck with Dominique and offered him a supportive environment. Last year Dominique graduated college, magna cum laude. And now he is working at Little Lights full-time, telling students they can dream big, too.  


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