We’ve got some exciting news – Little Lights is growing!

Renovations are currently underway on our sixth and newest site east of the river in Anacostia. In the coming months Little Lights holistic programs will meet a new set of children and families living in the Benning Terrace public housing complex.

First Rock Baptist Church, less than a quarter of a mile from Benning Terrace, has graciously offered Little Lights use of a building, about a block away from the public housing grounds. The spacious program site will provide us with the capacity to serve, connect, and develop relationships with the residents and the surrounding community.

Benning Terrace is home to nearly 400 children and is one of six DC neighborhoods recognized as a Police Service Area, receiving increased monitoring by law enforcement. Yet we feel called to focus on this neighborhood.

We are grateful to partner with First Rock Baptist Church and its deep commitment to Benning Terrace, and are ready and willing to expand the proven programming and caring relationships that Little Lights has offered in Capitol Hill for over 20 years.

This spring in an effort to get to know the community we plan to hold several soft launches. And in March we’ll introduce our new students to our academic programming.

Although Little Lights is new to this neighborhood its mission remains the same: empower underserved youth, families, and communities. We’re excited to provide quality programs to those we serve in Capitol Hill and those we will soon meet in Benning Terrace!