On June 8th Little Lights competed against other local nonprofits during United Way of the National Capital Area’s online giving competition, Do More 24.

This marks the second year that Little Lights has participated in Do More 24’s highest category of competition. Last year, we took 1st place raising over $88,000. But the support received last week truly exceeded all of our past Do More 24 successes!

The highly anticipated competition began on May 25th, allowing donors to give in advance during the days leading up to Do More 24. Once the advance giving ended on June 7th, Little Lights learned that it had been awarded a bonus prize worth $2,500 for raising the most dollars during the advanced giving period. This early win set the tone for the rest of the competition as Little Lights went on to secure 2 more bonus prizes during the daylong fundraising challenge!

Because of our generous supporters who gave on June 8th, we set a record for the most amount Little Lights has raised in any previous Do More 24 competition!

In addition to raising $109,000 over the competitive 24-hour span Little Lights took home the 1st place grand prize of $10,000 and also won $6,000 in bonus prizes –  making a grand total of more than $125,000.

Our Do More 24 victory enables Little Lights to continue giving our students the foundation they need to pursue their dreams as they grow into adults.

Thank you for believing in our students’ potential to pursue bright and hopeful futures!