The Hopkins Center recently expanded its academic programming to include Reading and Math Heroes, our focused one-to-one tutoring program. Expanded programming began this past January, and has increased the resources available to our students.

Previously, Reading and Math Heroes was only held at the Potomac Gardens Center. Any student from Hopkins who wanted to attend Reading and Math Heroes had to walk a few blocks up the street to Potomac Gardens in order to get extra help in math or reading.

To remedy that, we opened up the Hopkins Center, giving us the capacity to serve Little Lights students who used to walk that extra distance, as well as more than ten new students who didn’t have the opportunity to go to Math or Reading Heroes before.

Among the inaugural staff of Reading and Math Heroes at the Hopkins Center is Cierra Peterson, a former Little Lights student and recent college graduate, who we tapped to lead this new expansion

“It’s exciting, going from being at Little Lights as a student to being a Program Coordinator. Some of these people who took care of me as a kid, now they’re my coworkers, and I can still go to them with anything now.”

We’re very excited to have Cierra bring her experience and first-hand knowledge of the power of Little Lights to the table.We are also excited to have our community neighbors take a vested interest in Little Lights as volunteers.

Dave (pictured above), a new resident of Capitol Hill and practically a next-door neighbor to the Little Lights facilities, has been thrilled to take part in the expansion of Reading and Math Heroes at Hopkins. He sees Little Lights as an excellent opportunity for him to get to know the people within his community and build stronger relationships with them.

“I recognize the certain amount of tension that accompanies the direct interface between more affluent and underprivileged communities, and hope to put forward a small effort within our shared neighborhood to bridge that gap.”

The expansion of Hopkins Center programming has yielded exciting opportunities for everyone involved, and we are excited to see how we will continue growing in the coming months to better serve our students!