Moved by Friendship

Steve Park founded Little Lights in 1995 to share God’s love with under-served children and families in Washington, D.C. In 1994, while helping run a day camp, Steve met Darrell, a middle school boy who could not read. Moved by this new friendship, Steve prayed about how to combine his desire to share God’s love with helping children who were struggling in school. A year later, God answered Steve’s prayer by giving him the vision to start Little Lights.

Little Lights has been committed to providing sanctuaries of encouragement, hope, and practical assistance to at-risk children, youth, and families in southeast Washington, DC. Little Lights has recruited more than 2,000 volunteers for weekly tutoring, enrichment trips, mentoring, and special events. More than 900 children have participated in Little Lights’ programs throughout its history.

A Lasting Commitment

As Little Lights has grown, so have our students. By staying and being a part of our community for decades, we’ve had the joy of seeing how the work put into children bears fruit as they become adults. It’s the big picture that comes with a dedicated, lasting commitment.


Caring for the Whole Community

In the past several years, Little Lights has broadened its focus to include the entire family – kids, teens, and adults. For kids there is a wide range of programming, including reading and math tutoring, mentoring, choir, and weekly Bible studies. For teens and adults we offer internships, help creating resumes and searching for jobs, and workforce development programs. We also provide assistance with diapers, clothing, and other resources.

Steve and his wife, Mary, moved to southeast D.C. over a decade ago to be closer to the people they serve. They live there today with their two young children.