The Academic Coordinating Super Team (Andy Miller, Kati Leone, Michelle Osborne, and Jason Kang) and I are finally coming up for air after August and September’s big push to launch programs. During the month of August, we got up to speed on the pressing academic issues our children face through training and reading, we created a plan to assess and build student skills, and then we executed.

National research shows that the Achievement Gap affects disproportionately children who live in poverty. We knew that our Little Lights kids were behind, but until we diagnosed their skill levels, we were unsure of just what their skills were.

In the month of September we gave 113 academic assessments covering skills in reading and math. We found that Little Lights students in grades 4 – 6 comprehend what they read on average at a 3rd grade level. Ongoing data gathering is also showing that our children in grades K – 3 read between a pre K and 1st grade level. In math, many of our oldest students lack skills in basic multiplication and division, while our youngest ones lack skills in addition and subtraction.

From that data we created learning plans for each of our students in our Reading and Math Heroes programs, prioritizing skills and allowing tutors to see at a glance the areas of pressing need for their students. Now we start working on keeping track of the data, and finding ways to help students practice those skills in Homework Club.

Keep checking back for news on our progress