We’ve got some BIG news – Little Lights is expanding!

Soon Little Lights will be welcoming 15-20 new students to its fifth and newest site – The 1430 Center.

It only took a matter of months for the 1430 Center to grow from an idea into a reality.

In January, the Resident Council of Hopkins approached Little Lights about turning the apartment into an after care program. The 1430 building is part of Hopkins public housing but is located about four blocks away from our current Hopkins Center. That distance, about a quarter of a mile, makes it difficult and unsafe for young children to walk over on their own. So Gloria Matthews, President of the Hopkins Resident Council, came up with a solution: let’s bring Little Lights to the students!

Since then the three bedroom apartment of 1430 has been transformed into a cheerful, welcoming space. Volunteer groups, including students from University of Virginia and Virginia Tech, have come to clean, repaint, and prepare the space for programs. Little Lights also received a generous grant from the Capitol Hill Community Foundation, allowing us to furnish the site with tables, chairs, games and computers.

We are grateful to the Hopkins Resident Council, donors, and volunteers for making this possible, and are excited to see our impact grow as we serve these new students and their families.