Spring is here and the Clean Green Team is eager to get to work!

During February, the team took some time to regroup and prepare for the busy upcoming spring season. With the help of Dave and Blake Dunlevy and Rob Cronin, the team is learning to be more efficient and continue to learn the topics of plant taxonomy and advance equipment maintenance, as well as leadership development and project management.

This month the team members took to the streets of Capitol Hill to promote their lawncare services. They went around hanging door fliers and talking to prospective clients, using an elevator pitch they had practiced in their trainings. Working in teams of two, the Clean Green members approached people as they canvassed the neighborhood. It was hard work but the team’s perseverance paid off as they talked with close to 30 people who were interested in their work.

Co-Manager Henry Dent says the team is excited and ready to go.
“We’re excited to get started with the new season, and the new jobs and customers we have signed up. Our cutting season starts next week and we’re looking forward to it being a busy season.”

The team currently serves the 20002, 20003, 20020, and 20024 zip codes. If you’re interested in getting a quote from the Clean Green Team, email CGT@littlelights.org today!