The address is 1430 L Street, SE, #104, Washington, DC 20003.

If you get lost, call the main office at 202-548-4021 or call the 1430 Center at 202-536-2493.


From Pennsylvania Avenue SE (going west to east)

  • Take a right onto 13th Street, SE from Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Go straight at the light
  • Take a left onto K Street, SE
  • At 14th Street, SE, take a right
  • Go into the first alley way on the left
  • Drive/walk down the alley until you see a parking lot to your right
  • Enter the parking lot and look for a gate straight ahead. The gate should be open.
  • Walk up a few steps to the door and enter the 1430 Center. There will be a Little Lights sign in the window.
  • You can park in the parking lot, in the alley along the black gate, or you can parallel park along L Street, SE.