Today in Older Kids Homework club, students learned about how our nation elects a president, got an Electoral College Map they could take home and color as they watched the returns, and wrote letters to the new President.

Some tended towards issues near and dear to kids ages past and present including postponing the start of school till October, suggesting the opening of a big waterpark and suggesting an improvement to school lunches.

Still many of the concerns of these young citizens reflected the feelings of the nation as they wrote about the war in Iraq, improved learning environments, lower gas prices, taxes and safer cities.

“I will also like it if you make school a better place to learn,” wrote one student, before signing it with x’s and o’s.

“I want the world [to be] a better place [where] people is not picking on other people,” wrote another.

And finanally, reflecting the belief that the greatest change starts closest to home, one student wrote “Make the [Potomac] Gardens look better.”

Well, we’re working on it, friend, all of us here on staff, and our volunteers, and the larger community who supports us.

Happy Election Day to all.