Little Lights has several opportunities for groups to get involved with our ministry. If you’re interested in volunteering with a group, contact Meredith Daniel, our Volunteer Coordinator, at

Mission and Service Group Trips

Gain experience with urban ministry with this team-building opportunity for groups of 10 or 20 individuals. We welcome Christian teams of youth, college, and adults.

Weekend & Weekday Workgroups

Saturday Programs

​Saturday Program offers students a safe, fun place to spend their unstructured weekend hours. Twice​ ​a month​ from 10am-1pm​, a volunteer group of 6-12 people play an instrumental role in providing personal attention to students, as well as organizing a craft project and supplying packed lunches for all of the students.

Upon arrival, students are paired with a volunteer “buddy” and spend a few hours together playing games or sports, reading, and doing arts and crafts. As students leave, they are also given​ a packed lunch.

Since Saturday Program involves less structured activity, it is an ideal time for staff and volunteers to forge more personal relationships and spend extended quality time with students.​

Host a Drive

If you can’t bring your team into the city, consider hosting a drive. Throughout the year, or seasonally, our students need things likes school supplies, backpacks, gifts for Christmas, and more. This is a family friendly opportunity and one of the ways you can start to involve your children in urban ministry.