Laughter and excitement filled the air as our Girls’ Night crew arrived at their weekend destination.

Twelve girls, along with seven volunteers, enjoyed a fun and relaxing weekend away in Elkton, VA at our 2015 Girls’ Night Retreat.

One in the Spirit

With a theme of being “One in the Spirit”, the girls focused on trusting God and one another, working together as a team, and building each other up.  A worship service was led by the girls, where Jalease came forward and gave her life to Christ.

Team Building

The girls also enjoyed an afternoon of fun team building activities. As they untangled themselves from the Human Knot, the girls learned the importance of communication and teamwork. In the Trust Circle, they learned faith and reliance. Throughout each exercise, they discussed their experiences through a faith context, to develop a greater understanding of God’s love and faithfulness.


By the end of the weekend, the girls took away the value of teamwork, the importance of learning to trust others and, most importantly, to trust God.  Plus they had a lot of fun being in a new setting and getting to know each other more.

It was a great weekend getaway filled with enriching experiences and lots of fun. We’re already excited for next year!