Students and volunteers have been busy creating some fun and delicious summertime treats!

Our Summer Lights cooking class meets once a week at the Hill Center and is taught by our Marketing Coordinator, Mayline Yu. Up to eight students participate in each class, along with volunteer helpers.

In addition to learning how to follow a recipe and prepare meals, students are taught how to measure ingredients and understand serving sizes. Participants are asked to guess the correct serving size of an item, like a bag of pretzels. Whoever is closest is awarded the chef’s hat to wear during class.

Students also get to try some unique types of food from different parts of the world like lychee, jackfruit, and ceviche.

So far, the group has created a variety of delicious meals: chili, corn chowder and cornbread, two different kinds of quiche, and a class favorite –  peanut butter oreo pie.

A big thank you to the Hill Center for letting us use their wonderful kitchen space for the class.

We’re excited to see what they whip up next!