With DC public schools starting the academic year virtually, Little Lights has adjusted its fall programs to fully support students’ academic, emotional, and spiritual needs in a virtual way. Through providing students with vital resources such as internet, devices, meals, and virtual tutoring sessions, our goal is to equip students with the tools they need to face the myriad of challenges the uncertain school year will bring.

In order to care for our students during the start of an all-virtual school year Little Lights is doing the following:

Providing Food and Critical Resources

  • Monday to Friday, Little Lights is distributing daily meals to children in our programs.
  • Along with meals, Little Lights will distribute donated paper products (toilet paper), cleaning supplies, and pantry staples (canned goods, pasta, applesauce, etc.). 
  • With every item and meal we distribute, Little Lights will also provide a flier listing where to find additional food and resources around internet access, phone services, etc. 


Continuing Access to Educational Resources

  • In an effort to strengthen communication between school staff, parents, and students Little Lights is partnering with local schools to disseminate important information. Little Lights is also helping families navigate school registration, students’ new school schedules, and other school administrative tasks.
  • We are also conducting daily online virtual sessions, where students can receive personalized attention through Zoom Heroes, our 1:1 tutoring program, and virtual storytime videos.
  • To ensure students can participate in the weekly online virtual sessions, Little Lights is continuing to distribute Chrome laptops and tablets as needed.
  • Monday to Friday, students will have assigned days that they can access our Learning Hubs. We’ve converted our sites into safe, socially-distanced spaces where students can utilize high speed internet, computers, printers, school supplies and get homework help from staff..


Emotional Support and Encouragement

  • All site leaders will regularly check in with Little Lights students and families via phone and Zoom to assess what needs they have and to offer any solutions or resources specific to their needs.
  • Along with the check-ins, Little Lights will conduct Youth Bible study and social emotional learning sessions to support students’ spiritual and emotional growth.
  • Little Lights will also continue to host The Gathering, a weekly worship service via Zoom.


Clean Green Team & Family Center Operations

  • Our landscaping social enterprise, the Clean Green Team, is considered an essential service and is continuing to work using social distancing and safety protocols.
  • One afternoon a week, the Little Lights Family Center will continue distributing free diapers to parents along with providing supplies and non-perishable groceries to parents.