• As our students get ready for the start of school each fall, they often lack backpacks as well as school supplies, such as notebooks, pencils, tape, glue, and binders. To meet that need, every year several local churches and organizations help outfit our students for the back to school season! Volunteers organize backpack and school […]

  • In 2011 the idea for the Little Lights Christmas Store was birthed out of a desire to use Christmastime to strengthen the families of Potomac Gardens and Hopkins public housing. We do that by providing gifts for parents to give to their children on Christmas morning. One week every December, we turn the Family Center […]

  • Thanksgiving is a time for deepening relationships over meals and laughter. It may seem like a simple thing, but breaking bread together can mean so much more. For many families, however, buying the necessary food for a large meal with the family can be a financial burden. Little Lights partners with local churches and other agencies/groups […]

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