We love seeing the relationships grow between our mentors and mentees,  but also realize the importance of developing relationships between the parents and mentors.

This month, nine parents and eight mentors enjoyed  a delicious meal of fried chicken, salads, and a variety of desserts at our annual Mentor and Parent Luncheon.

mentor lunch 2

Some ice breaker questions helped facilitate good conversations. Mentors ask their parent why they wanted their child to have a mentor, if they had seen any changes in their child because they have a mentor, and what their hopes and dreams were for their child.

Parents asked mentors a series of questions as well, including why they wanted to be a mentor, what they appreciate about their mentee, and something they’ve learned while being a mentor.

mentor lunch 5

The event provides a meaningful opportunity for mentors and parents to get to know one another, and build a relationship of trust and understanding while sharing a meal together. It is so important to build strong relationships, not only between mentors and their mentees, but also including parents and getting them involved.

 mentor lunch 1