The Clean Green Team is based out of Capitol Hill, D.C. and is a social enterprise of Little Lights Urban Ministries. It provides much needed employment opportunities to public housing residents, allowing team members to gain critical job experience, build their resumes, and responsibly provide for their families.


All of the workers are provided expert training by D&A Dunlevy Landscapers Inc., a Washington, D.C. full-service landscape company with a 30 year track record of excellence. They offer services such as:

  • mowing and edging
  • tree and shrub trimming
  • leaf removal
  • weeding and watering
  • mulching

We currently provide services for zip codes 20003, 20002, 20020, and 20024. For a free quote email Mary Park at


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Everyone Needs a First Chance

Often times for our members being on the Clean Green Team is the first step into the working world. They learn the basic skills needed to hold a job, whether it’s big things like professionalism and anger-management, or small things like understanding how direct deposits work at the bank. We give the first chance that so many of these men need. They gain confidence from hard, skilled work that gives back to their community and they get one step closer to being in a position to move out of the projects.

Beautiful Neighborhoods, Changed LivesIMG_7697

As one of its members, Henry readily admits that he used to be hardheaded. He grew up in an environment where drugs were pervasive and healthy influences were scarce. For him, being on the Clean Green Team has meant mentorship, learning how to take both positive and negative feedback, and learning how to keep a job.

“I’m not the person I used to be” – Henry

Providing employment makes a difference, not only for an individual, but for the community. Henry says that his daughter now talks to him differently and she takes pride in her father’s work, boasting to other kids, “My daddy cut that grass”. When children in the neighborhood see Henry working, they tell him that it looks pretty, and that they too want to learn how to do landscaping.

Henry now says that it feels good to be a role model for the kids around Potomac Gardens. He’s become the healthy influence that was once lacking for the community where he grew up.

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