• Seeking God’s Plan The purpose of the Little Lights Christian Life Coaching program is to help people discover God’s positive purpose and plan for their life. We do not tell people what to do, but we help them explore and recognize what God has placed inside of them and what God is calling them to […]

  • Since 2002, Little Lights has partnered with Chinese Bible Church of Maryland to offer a camp to our students during their spring break. It gives our students a chance to get out of the city, play games and sports, and develop relationships with the counselors.  In the past years, it’s taken on different forms, ranging […]

  • ​ Saturday Program offers students a safe, fun place to spend their unstructured weekend hours. Twice​ ​a month​ from 10am-1pm​, a volunteer group of 6-12 people play an instrumental role in providing personal attention to students, as well as organizing a craft project and supplying packed lunches for all of the students. Upon arrival, students […]

  • Close to 20 students take part each semester in the Little Lights Choir, led by our Associate Director, Linda Rice, as well as Crystal Jenkins, who grew up attending Little Lights and participating in Choir. Every Friday afternoon they practice together, preparing for the multiple performances they do across the city. Using contemporary gospel music, […]

  • Every Friday night adults and teens from the neighborhood come together at the Hopkins Center for the Gathering, an evening of dinner, fellowship, worship, and teaching. In recent years we have started to focus more of our efforts on developing relationships with adults, teens, and families — not just students — and the Gathering is […]

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