Seeking God’s Plan

The purpose of the Little Lights Christian Life Coaching program is to help people discover God’s positive purpose and plan for their life. We do not tell people what to do, but we help them explore and recognize what God has placed inside of them and what God is calling them to do.

“I will bless you with a future filled with hope—a future of success, not of suffering. (CEV)” Jeremiah 29:11

We meet with individual residents and/or groups at least twice a month for people to understand that God has a plan to prosper them. Our goal is to help them discover that plan.

Some issues that life coaching will address are:

  • Spiritual Growth – When one is in a close relationship with God, one will be able to walk out God’s plan for his or her life. We will provide spiritual education, encouragement, and support.
  • Goal Setting – We want to help people discover a vision for their life and encourage them to set goals to help turn that vision into reality.
  • Career Planning – For many, a large part of God’s plan for their life is finding a career. Christian Life Coaching connects discovering what God has called that person to do and finding a career that allows that person to operate in that call. It also includes job search fundamentals like finding opportunities and preparing correctly.
  • Identifying and Eliminating Barriers – We want to help people determine what is holding them back from moving forward with their goals. Once barriers are identified, we plan to help people find resources to overcome those barriers.