It’s always a blessing and help to us when volunteers come and work with our kids.

The youth group from Grace Community Church recently sent a great group of volunteers who spent the week helping out at Little Lights and worked with students at Homework Club. They helped students with homework, and had fun playing with them in the Chill Station.

One of the volunteers shared what she saw during her time with us.

“At Little Lights, one thing I noticed is that the kids really have a thirst for learning. I heard a few kids saying that they really loved math and wished they had more math worksheets. I know that this love of learning was taught to them by the employees and volunteers here at Little Lights!”

A fabulous partner church, Grace Community supports Little Lights in numerous ways, from sending volunteers, to financial assistance, to letting us host our recent Hope for the City Breakfast in their building. We’d like to say a special thank you to Pastor Matt Komar for leading the group.

We are grateful for their partnership and especially thankful for the students who invested a week with our students!