Because Little Lights is following the DCPS schedule, all of our regular programs will be suspended from March 16th, 2020 through April 1st, 2020, when DCPS will determine if schools reopen or if distance learning will continue. 

Though our regular programming is paused, Little Lights is still hard at work to ensure our neighbors living in public housing communities have the basic necessities to endure the COVID19 pandemic. During crises like this, vulnerable communities like the ones Little Lights works with experience greater hardship, damage, and stress. We are working to mitigate the hardship on our students and families.

In order to care for our community during this pandemic, Little Lights is doing the following… 

Providing Food, Cleaning Supplies, and Toiletries 

  • Monday to Friday, from 3:30pm to 5pm, Little Lights is distributing cold, packed meals from the Capital Area Food Bank to children in our programs, their siblings, and any other children living in Potomac Gardens or Hopkins public housing. 
  • Along with meals, Little Lights will distribute donated paper products (toilet paper), cleaning supplies, and pantry staples (canned goods, pasta, applesauce, etc.). 
  • One afternoon a week, Little Lights will continue distributing free diapers to parents
  • With every item and meal we distribute, Little Lights will also provide a flier listing where to find additional food and resources around internet access, phone services, etc. 

Continuing Access To Educational Resources 

  • Every Monday, Little Lights will pass out packets to students enrolled in our programs containing individualized reading and math worksheets (aligned with their STAR test results), books from our Reading A to Z curriculum, and also Social Emotional Learning worksheets/activities around topics like coping with stress and what to do if they feel scared or nervous. 
  • Alongside the packets, we will also inform students and parents of additional educational resources they can connect to during this time, such as Khan Academy, Scholastic, etc. 

Emotional Support & Encouragement 

  • All site leaders will regularly reach out via phone and text to families involved in Little Lights programs to assess their situation and see what needs they have, what is worrying them, and to offer any solutions or resources possible. 
  • During these calls, Little Lights staff will also check in on students’ progress with the academic packets we assigned and see if they need further support.