On Valentine’s Day, many of us choose to show our love by giving out cards, candy, and flowers. While these are sweet gestures it should make us wonder – what does real love look like?

This was the topic of our latest Girls’ Night discussion on Wednesday night. Our Associate Director Ms. Linda gave a meaningful talk rooted in 1 Corinthians 13. She spoke about how real love comes from God and that we can learn to love others by following Christ’s example of how he loves us.

The group talked about examples of real love versus love that is self-seeking. Ms. Linda told the girls to guard their hearts because they are even more precious than pearls. She gave each girl a large bead with a heart on it, to represent a pearl, and remind them they are valuable and loved by God.

At the end of the night everyone celebrated with cupcakes and candy. We hope to have more conversations with the girls about what it looks like to have godly and healthy relationships.